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WGM Sungjae and Joy Episode 5 Recap

ccooony: Sungjae and Joy walked up multiple flights of stairs towards their new home located on the highest floor of the building while holding hands. They were nervous but excited to see what was in store for them. Once they opened the door to their new home, they immediately set out to explore.

Sungjae felt that it was a perfect home for two people and he liked the interior. Joy noticed how all of the items seemed to come in a set so that they were couple items. The two of them entered the bedroom to see the bed and the couple pajamas placed on top. Joy jumped to sit on top of the bed and Sungjae joined her. Continue reading →

WGM Sungjae and Joy Episode 4 Recap

ccooony: After their meal, Sungjae and Joy only had 3,600 won left over for the rest of their date. They decided to go to an arcade to play a couple of games and make things interesting by involving a bet. The winner gets to hear the other person sing a song for him or her.

Sungjae mentioned in his later interview that he really wanted to hear Joy sing for him because of her cute and pure voice. When he sang for her on their first date, he didn’t get the chance to hear her sing because she hadn’t had the chance to prepare a song for him.

After playing a shooting game and a fighting game, Sungjae had won the first game and Joy had won the second game. Since they were tied, Sungjae suggested that they each sing a song for one another. They then headed into a small karaoke room within the arcade. Continue reading →

WGM Sungjae and Joy Episode 3 Recap

ccooony: After faking Sungjae out and making him believe that they were there to get his hair waxed, Joy revealed that they were actually at the dermatologist to get her ears pierced. She said that the last time they met, he promised to come with her and that she was determined to get them pierced.

Joy was extremely nervous and Sungjae kept reassuring her that it wouldn’t hurt. He promised that he would give her a piggyback ride the whole day if she felt any pain afterwards. Continue reading →

WGM Sungjae and Joy Episode 2 Recap

ccooony: After talking a bit more, Sungjae and Joy head off to the café by car. The two of them settle into the backseat and are driven by BtoB’s manager because Sungjae doesn’t have his driver’s license yet. In the car, they start talking about ideal types and Sungjae is once again surprised but happy at Joy’s honest and straightforward comments. She tells him that she likes that he sings well and all in all, he is close to her ideal type. This gives Sungjae a boost of confidence.

In the café, the two of them share a watermelon bingsoo (a type of cold dessert). As Joy takes a big spoonful while Sungjae looks on, it is revealed in their later interviews that Sungjae had actually wanted to feed Joy during that time, but Joy was unaware. After Joy found out in her interview, she made a plan to feed him at a later point in time.

They even tried to come up with their terms of endearment for one another. Joy wanted to call Sungjae oppa for now, and for him to call her by her real name Sooyoung. They decided to go with byu at the end of their names and cringed at how cheesy it sounded but were still happy with it. Continue reading →

WGM Sungjae and Joy Episode 1 Recap

ccooony: With BtoB’s Sungjae and Red Velvet’s Joy being confirmed to be a part of the next “We Got Married” lineup, their first episode was all about their initial discovery of having each other as partners as well as their first meeting.

Sungjae and Joy were with their respective BtoB and Red Velvet members when they each received their first mission card separately as well as a phone, in which they could use to communicate with one another. The BtoB and Red Velvet members were very excited to try to help figure out who their fellow member would be partnered with. Sungjae and Joy, with the help from their group members, were tasked with sending each other hints by phone to help each other guess their identity.

They all had a lot of laughs and anticipation sending hints back and forth. One of the pictures Joy received by phone was a picture showcasing Sungjae’s lips and she commented to her fellow members that his lips were sexy. BtoB guessed that Sungjae’s partner could be older because he is still fairly young. At the end of all the hint giving, their mission was to prepare a gift for one another for their first meeting.  Continue reading →

WGM Global 2 Concluding Thoughts


ccooony: We just finished watching all 15 episodes of We Got Married Global Season 2. I must say I’m going to miss it. I know compared to the original Korean version of the show that this was definitely much shorter, but it was nice and sweet. I think that both couples looked cute together and were well matched. I thought that Puff and Heechul were compatible with each other and they both put in a lot of effort towards one another. They were also a lot more comfortable with skinship. I think they planned more events for one another than the Key and Arisa couple.

For Key and Arisa, I got the feeling that Key took care of Arisa a lot more and planned a lot more for her, but I can understand that because she is still relatively young and inexperienced. I thought Key and Arisa were still a lot more awkward with one another in comparison to Puff and Heechul, but I’m glad they were able to get close to one another in their own way.

Continue reading →

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