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Hyungdon and Daejun’s dance at 2X Speed to “Sexy Side” on Weekly Idol

anitaya & ccooony: Hyungdon and Daejun are the hosts of Weekly Idol and are typically on the sidelines providing commentary, guiding the show along, and watching their idol guests work hard to impress in segments such as Random Play Dance or 2X Speed Dance. However, on the 300th Special Episode of the show to change things up, the two hosts became the guests and got to experience a little taste themselves of how hard the 2X Speed Dance can be.

With guest hosts Super Junior’s Heechul, BTOB’s Ilhoon, and G-Friend’s SinB on the sidelines watching, the duo presented a sincere but hilarious run at the 2X Speed Dance showing off their “Sexy Side”. Continue to read more from Music & Variety Ent. Continue reading →

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