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Jay Park, Simon D, and LOCO perform on “Sketchbook”

anitaya and ccooony: Jay Park, Simon D, and LOCO represented AOMG on Sketchbook, performing a melody of their songs together. Simon D performed his newest tracks “Simon Dominic” and “Won and Only”. Meanwhile LOCO performed “Respect” and “No Manners”. Jay Park performed his hit songs “My Last” and “I Like to Party”. They all joined in on one another’s tracks and had a blast on stage performing together and playing to the crowd. Continue reading →


Simon Dominic 2014


ccooony: When I first heard this rap, I thought it was really memorable and the chorus got stuck in my head. I thought that Simon D came up with a great rap for himself. Makes me wish I could have a cool sounding song with my name in it as well. It’s still stuck in my head from time to time and it’s still catchy to me whenever I hear it. Continue reading →

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