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Boyfriend Bounce

ccooony: Boyfriend’s newest title track “Bounce” is a really catchy dance track that talks about a guy who loves a girl who can’t make up her mind. The MV itself follows the Alice in Wonderland theme, so it is more eccentric and a lot of red, white, and black colors are utilized. The most memorable part of the song is the “Bounce come with me…” chorus. It’s so easy to remember and it is really catchy.

Boyfriend has been starting to lean towards darker concepts which reminds me a bit of VIXX although I know that their concepts are completely different. I’m liking this new style change for Boyfriend and I feel that it suits them very well. I’m hoping they keep this up because I’m definitely enjoying this track! Continue reading →


Holiday Songs (December 2014)

anitaya: Artists from Starship Entertainment came together to sing “Love Is You.” The song is about waiting to meet a soulmate on the first day of snowfall. This song has a sweet melody and gives the feeling of winter. The vocals of K.Will, Junggigo, Boyfriend, Sistar, and Jooyoung sound pleasant with rapping from Mad Clown and Bora. The music video shows the warmth of a home and snow falling throughout the day. The artists gather together in a room with holiday decorations around them.

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Song Recommendations (June 2014)

Here are our recommended songs for the month of June:


anitaya: I thought that the concept of OK Go’s music video was very well-thought-out. The creative optical illusions and accurate placement of everything made the viewing experience pleasurable and challenged my mind to look at objects differently.

ccooony: First off, before the song even began, the illusion of the words OK Go caught my attention. I really enjoyed their concept of using optical illusions throughout the whole video and the variety of colors used. The song itself had a nice beat to it and I thought that the video was a nice complement to it.

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