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Lee Gikwang Performs “What You Like” & Dances to “Rainism”, “Growl”, and “Dancing Shoes”

anitaya & ccooonyLee Gikwang was a guest on a recent episode of Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook where he performed his newest solo track “What You Like” and showed his moves to songs such as Rain’s “Rainism”, EXO‘s “Growl”, and even his solo debut track “Dancing Shoes” which was released back when he went by the stage name AJ. Continue to read more from Music & Variety Ent. Continue reading →


Zico, Jessi, and Hyolyn perform on “Sketchbook”

Zico – Artist

anitaya & ccooony: Zico, Jessi, and Hyolyn paid a visit to Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook and put on delightful performances of their latest hits in addition to performing some special stages. They all put on their own unique performances and filled the stage with their vocals and performance. Check out all of the performances above and below! Continue to read more from Music & Variety Ent. Continue reading →

Homme and Gilgu Bonggu sing “Pick Me” on Sketchbook

anitaya & ccooony: Singing duos Homme and Gilgu Bonggu showcased a different take on Produce 101‘s track “Pick Me” from Season 1 and Season 2 respectively during their appearance on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook. They demonstrated their vocal talents and brought laughter with how different both of the exciting songs can sound when rearranged to be more like ballads, which portray a different feel than the original upbeat versions. Continue to read more from Music & Variety Ent. Continue reading →

Lee Seok Hoon dances to Pick Me from Produce 101 S2 on Sketchbook

anitaya & ccooony: Singer Lee Seok Hoon of SG Wannabe, who was also one of the Vocal Trainers for the male trainees on the most recent season of Produce 101, paid a visit to Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook and danced the key moves to Season 2’s Produce 101 track “Pick Me.”

He managed to execute the moves throughout the song and even showed off his ending pose once the song ended, throwing in a few winks paired with a few varied facial expressions. This brought a huge reaction from the audience and laughter from the host as Lee Seok Hoon backed away with embarrassment. Continue to read more from Music & Variety Ent.

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Jay Park, Simon D, and LOCO perform on “Sketchbook”

anitaya and ccooony: Jay Park, Simon D, and LOCO represented AOMG on Sketchbook, performing a melody of their songs together. Simon D performed his newest tracks “Simon Dominic” and “Won and Only”. Meanwhile LOCO performed “Respect” and “No Manners”. Jay Park performed his hit songs “My Last” and “I Like to Party”. They all joined in on one another’s tracks and had a blast on stage performing together and playing to the crowd. Continue reading →

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