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Seventeen Mansae (Song Review)

ccooony: Seventeen‘s newest title track “Mansae” is a fun, upbeat song that will have you grooving along. Similar to their debut song, “Adore U”, vocal team leader Woozi played a main role in creating the song, while performance team leader Hoshi created the group’s choreography. The music video features actress Jo Soo Hyang, who you may recognize most recently as the character Kang So Young from the drama “Who Are You: School 2015”.

Even with the large number of members, the music video showcases some of their different charms as well as their synchronized dancing. The highlight of their choreography has to be the part where they all gather together and put their hands in the air swaying from side to side while singing their chorus. Overall, it’s a really lighthearted track that’s fun to listen to. Continue reading →


BTS Dope (Song Review)

ccooony: After finishing up promotions for their track “I Need U,” BTS is back with their new track “Dope”. Right from the start of the first verse, I had a feeling that this was going to be a great song and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. This is probably one of the most upbeat songs from BTS so far with faster choreography to match the quick pace of the song. Not only their moves as a group, but the rap in the song was also fast paced.

I got a groovy vibe from the saxophone sounds that played throughout their main dance sections of the song. The boys pulled off all the moves and kept up with the pace throughout the song. The song mentions about how hardworking they all are while other people are out clubbing. Overall, this is a really catchy track and is a song I would want to have on repeat! Fitting with the the title of the song, BTS is definitely dope! Continue reading →

Sistar Shake It (Review)

ccooony: Sistar has returned with another fun summer song! “Shake It” is a song that makes you want to just groove and shake along! The music video is both bright and colorful, which really matches the happy vibe of the song. We also see cameos from some of their label-mates from Monsta X in the music video.

The beats in the song and the chorus make it memorable and Sistar’s vocals and rap suit the vibe of the song. When I first heard the “Shake it up shake it for me” lyrics, it actually reminded me of lyrics from JJ Project’s (now GOT7’s JB and Jr.) song “Bounce”. However, this song is easily distinguishable and has its own catchy lyrics. Overall, this is a really fun song that is suitable for the summertime!

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Monsta X Trespass (Song Review)

ccooony: Starship Entertainment’s newest boy group, who is their first hip hop group came out with a great debut song! I really like the sound and feel of this hip hop track. The strongest point of this song for me has to be the main rap chorus by Jooheon. I’m really looking forward to seeing Jooheon’s performance on the upcoming season of “Show Me the Money 4.” I can’t wait to see how he shapes up against the other rappers.

Monsta X was formed from Starship Entertainment’s survival show for a new boy group called “NO.MERCY”. I think that this group came out with a strong track and a strong presence. Not only the rapping, but the vocals and dancing are also strong. Each of the members appear to be charismatic on stage, but also seem to have their own goofy and personable sides to them as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what new tracks they’ll come out with next as well as their future activities! Continue reading →

Block B Bastarz Zero For Conduct (Song Review)

ccooony: I was both pleasantly surprised and curious when I heard that Block B was going to have a unit group. The unit group consists of three of the Block B members: U-Kwon, B-Bomb, and P.O. With their title track “Zero For Conduct” produced by their leader Zico, I had high expectations to hear another great song and I wasn’t let down. I thought the track was really catchy and made me want to groove along with it. The chorus of the song is really memorable and I thought there was some strong rapping and strong beats throughout the song.

I like the dance move that all three of them do for the chorus and I think the song itself is a really cool track. It was nice to see B-Bomb and U-Kwon be able to showcase their dancing skills and more of their singing in this song. P.O’s deep voice is easily memorable as well and I think that this song style fits all three of them really well. Overall, I was really happy to hear this track from Bastarz and I think their unit group debut is off to a great start with this song. Continue reading →

EXID Ah Yeah (Song Review)

ccooony: “Ah Yeah” is said to be the follow-up song to EXID’s hit track “Up & Down”. The girls must have been feeling the pressure to try to deliver another hit song and have a successful comeback this time around to prove that they aren’t just a one hit wonder. With this track, I can see and hear some similar elements to “Up & Down” although it does have its own style to it.

You can hear the jazzy instrumentals in the background throughout the song and there’s even someone whispering, “Where do you live? Do you live alone?” right at the very beginning of the song. The first time I heard the song, it didn’t catch on for me right away, but after listening to it a few more times, it’s getting a bit more catchy to listen to. Continue reading →

MAX Gibberish (Song Review)

ccooony: From the very first beat of the song, I had a feeling this was going to be catchy and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. This song makes you just want to dance along and Max’s vocals have such great range to them. He has strong vocals and hits all of the notes in the song very well. I really liked the concept of the video as well. The dancing and the backwards and forwards effects for the different scenes made the video even more interesting to watch. The vocals, rapping, catchy beats, and dancing made this a great song and video to watch. Overall I thought this was a great song!

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Miss A Only You

anitaya: The music video starts out with a peeping Tom spying on the members of Miss A. Min is painting her toes, Suzy is blow-drying her hair, Fei is picking out clothes, and Jia is looking at a magazine on top of her bed. Miss A dance their choreography and wear various outfits. They head to a party to dance and have fun.

The song is about a girl who loves a guy and only that guy. It says that the girl has never felt this way about a guy before. It doesn’t matter if she loves him more because he is the only person she needs. There are many guys around her but she is not an easy girl. This song is a dance track with brass and percussion sounds.  Continue reading →

EXO Call Me Baby

ccooony: EXO just released Korean and Chinese versions of their music video for their newest title track “Call Me Baby.” I’m really excited and happy with it. The song “Call Me Baby” was really catchy to me the first time I heard it and I can’t help but groove along to it. The lyrics refer to a guy who shows his love for his girl and say sweet things to his one and only love. Of course the lyrics wouldn’t be complete without EXO’s trademark E – X – O thrown in there.

The music video was nice and I’m not disappointed at all with the dance moves. I thought that they all danced quite well and were all in sync. There are quite a few clothing changes for all of the members throughout the video. The music video includes fancy cars. Some of the scenes were recorded one-shot style, which I thought added to the quality of the video. Overall, I really like this track and I’m looking forward to seeing them promote it. I also look forward to see how well this song will do!

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JJ Project Bounce

anitaya: JJ Project is a duo with JB and Jr. who later became part of the group GOT7. “Bounce” is an upbeat dance song that you can groove to. The music video starts out in a classroom at school and then everyone gets up to dance. This song has a catchy chorus and melody. It sounds like a pop rock song. The main dance move for this song is shaking your body. There is a dance break at the end of the song with cool dance moves. JB rolls on the back of Jr. in the music video. “Bounce” was the first song that JJ Project sang. Continue reading →

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