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Winter 2015 TV List


Once Upon A Time 


The Royals 

Into The Badlands 


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Fall 2015 TV List


Once Upon A Time 

The Walking Dead 

The Royals 

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3 Key Moments from Arrow 1×21

ccooony: With Oliver’s acceptance to become Al Sah Him in exchange for the life of his sister, this had a major impact on all of the characters. Here’s three key moments that you might not have seen coming:

Oliver stabbing Diggle right through the heart at the very beginning of the episode?! At least it really wasn’t Diggle, but this new Oliver killed that man in a flash and like it was nothing! The League of Assassins’ ability to affect the mind is no joke! Definitely a predictor of his tough fighting nature to come!

Thea is taking on a hood and arrows of her own! If she’s going to go against the Arrow, she has to have the right tools at her disposal! Continue reading →

4 Sweet Moments from Jane the Virgin 1×20

ccooony: The episode had its fair share of both cute and funny moments as well as some highly emotional scenes. Here are 4 sweet moments that happened in the episode.

And….. Santos is back in “The Passions of Santos”! Without Rogelio, that telenovela was not the same and the ratings reflected that. Now Rogelio can go back to being the main title character and is celebrating the news with his happy dance! Here’s to seeing Rogelio in more scenes as Santos!

Definitely a Team Michael moment. Jane finds out that Michael was the one who kept her grandma from being deported and no words are needed. All of the thankful, grateful, and warm feelings are conveyed through the hug. Continue reading →

5 Must-See Moments from The Flash 1×19

ccooony: So much action and so many revelations occurred in the most recent episode of the Flash, but here are five must-see moments from the episode that you should be sure to remember: 

1. SnowBarry kiss


Even though it wasn’t really Barry, who could forget that this happened? Barry doesn’t know about this, but Caitlin sure remembers! All fans of SnowBarry definitely got a treat!

2. Cisco and Laurel as Black Canary

Cisco + Black Canary

How adorable is Cisco for being such as big fan of the Black Canary! It’s always nice to see The Flash and Arrow character crossovers!

3. Fight scene between The Flash and the Shapeshifter

Flash vs. Shapeshifter

The shapeshifter may have looked like The Flash, but he is no match for the real thing! There’s only room for one Flash and that title belongs to Barry! Continue reading →

Summer 2015 TV List


So You Think You Can Dance

Teen Wolf


Faking It

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America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 12 Recap


ccooony: With Mirjana’s elimination and Chantelle remaining after her comeback, the top 7 models: Adam, Keith, Shei, Will, Raelia, Lenox, and Chantelle were headed to Seoul, South Korea to continue their competition. 

Once they arrive in Seoul, the models walk into a studio and see a Kpop group being filmed while performing their choreography to their song. The models are greeted by Yu Tsai and Miss J and are introduced to the boy group who is none other than BtoB. Yu Tsai explains to the models about Kpop and how it has to do with fashion. For their challenge for the week, the models would be split into two teams and they would have to learn some of BtoB’s choreography for their song “Beep Beep” and perform it publicly in front of a crowd. While dancing, they would have to keep in mind that they would still have to model and that while they are in a team, they will be judged individually. Adam, Keith, and Shei made up one team, and Will, Raelia, Lenox, and Chantelle made up the other team. BtoB’s English speaking member Peniel was the one who explained the steps to them. Continue reading →

The Quest Episode 10 (Finale) Recap


ccooony: With only three Paladins left, everyone could tell that the end was near and that they would have to go through one more test to determine who would be the one true hero. Sir Ansgar volunteered himself to be a distraction and fight against some of Verlox’s riders so that Crio could take the remaining three Paladins and the Queen safely to the Fates. Once they reached the Fates it was time for one final test to determine whether Shondo, Lina, or Andrew would be the one true hero.

The Paladins would have to successfully complete a series of tasks until only one of them remained. After riding on horseback and reaching their designated area of the forest, their first task was to cut down the sand-filled branches set up among the trees and find their next piece of their map. Shondo was able to find his first and sprinted towards the next task. Lina was able to find hers next, while Andrew was getting frustrated and was struggling to find his piece. For the next task, given six different items of various sizes, shapes, and weights, they would have to try to balance everything on both sides of the scale. Shondo arrived first and tried to attack the task by just putting things on the scale and moving them around when they didn’t balance. Once Lina arrived, she made sure to carefully read the instructions and went one item at a time when trying to balance her items instead of just putting everything on the scale. Meanwhile, Andrew was still struggling to find his piece back at the first task. Continue reading →

The Quest Episode 9 Recap


ccooony: Everything is peaceful in the morning at their camp until the group is ambushed and surrounded by creatures who proceed to bring them to their chief. The Queen knows that they are trespassing in the creatures’ area but tries to beg the chief to be lenient with them because they had no other choice. Each of the four remaining Paladins step up to say why the chief should side with them and that within them lies the one true hero who will defeat Verlox. However, the Vizier pulls off his disguise beside the chief and confirms the suspicions of the Paladins about his betrayal. The Queen, Crio, and Sir Ansgar are shocked to see the Vizier and get angry. The Vizier and the chief have all the Paladins locked up in individual cages suspended slightly in the air and lock up the Queen, Crio, and Sir Ansgar in another cage on the ground.

The Paladins’ challenge is to free themselves from the cage and then free the others. Using a rope in their cage, they have to lasso it around a wooden pole and then pull themselves to a tool that will allow them to cut through the ropes securing the doors to their cages. Andrew was able to free himself the fastest and then proceeded to grab and hand everyone else tools to use to get themselves out of their cages and then assisted in helping everyone get out. Afterwards, they all rushed into the woods and the Queen angrily tossed away the amulet that had previously been given to her by the Vizier.
Continue reading →

America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 4 Recap


ccooony: For this week’s episode, there was no challenge and everyone went straight into the photoshoot for the week. The theme was optical illusions. They would take the photo with the contestants on their sides and then rotate it so that it gave off a certain impression. For example, some of the contestants would be on their sides while holding on to a scooter and would try to pose so that when it was flipped, it would look like they were riding on that scooter. Some contestants received great feedback, while others struggled. Denzel in particular got so frustrated and angry when Yu Tsai was yelling at him trying to get a good shot that he cursed and tossed his prop, a bicycle, to the side and stormed off without waiting to be told that his shoot was finished. It appeared that Mirjana and Denzel were getting closer even at the set of the photoshoot, and Matthew was still bothered when it came to Mirjana.

Back at the house, the top 13 contestants found out that it was time for makeovers and that there were boxes hidden around the house letting them all know what kinds of makeovers were going to be done but not who they were for. For the one contestant who was able to find the golden shears, they would be able to find out earlier than the rest what their makeover would be. Denzel found the golden shears and discovered that he would be getting a beard weave. Continue reading →