Dream Knight Episode 12 Recap (Finale)


ccooony: In Hyung is rushing out of her trailer to get to the dance competition when she is stopped by Jr. Jr. tells her that there is something he has to tell her, but she doesn’t want to listen to him. Before she can walk away, Jr. tells her that the boys are not human. This is enough to get her to stop walking away and to listen to what Jr. has to say.

The dance competition is underway and different acts showcase their dance moves. JB, Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae are all dressed and ready to go backstage, but In Hyung had not arrived there yet. Jackson said that he didn’t wake her up in the morning because she looked really tired. Mark commented that they should have waited and gone to the venue together. JB decides to go and look for her himself. BamBam, Yugyeom, and Jr. watched all of this from above and BamBam and Yugyeom assume In Hyung might not come. Jr. tells them that he told In Hyung because he wanted her to be prepared and be a little less surprised when her boys suddenly disappear.

In Hyung had just found out from Jr. that JB, Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae are her guardians. She now knows that they are also not human and came from the dolls she received from her mom when she was little. She contemplates everything that she heard from Jr. and takes the time to think about what she wants to do with her new-found information. JB calls out for In Hyung at her home, but she is nowhere to be found.

In the end, he is unable to find her and ends up heading back to the venue for the dance competition. In Hyung arrives soon after, saying that she’s sorry for being late. Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae tell In Hyung to get dressed and get ready and leave her alone with JB. Before JB walks away, In Hyung gives him a back hug. She says to him “I like you. No matter who you are. No matter where you are from.”

Lee Jenny also goes out to perform at the dance competition and uses gold glitter. She and her partner perform right before In Hyung and the boys are set to perform. After her performance, Jackson tells her she did a good job and she even wishes In Hyung good luck before she goes on stage. Lee Jenny’s partner asks her if she thinks they will win. Lee Jenny responds that it doesn’t matter because she did her best and she had fun. She had taken Jackson’s advice about dancing to heart.

The announcer calls out for the “Sucky Dancer and the Leftovers” to perform and out comes JB, Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae. They start out dancing to GOT7’s “A” before In Hyung comes out to join them. They all dance to the song until it ends. They finish with the audience cheering loudly, but as they all give each other high fives, In Hyung collapses and Mark catches her before she hits the ground. In the end, paramedics come to the stage and they carry In Hyung off the stage on a stretcher, with the four boys hurriedly following.

The screen goes black, and suddenly In Hyung is back on stage with GOT (Jr., BamBam, and Yugyeom). GOT, In Hyung, and JB, Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae all dance together on stage to the song “A” for the last time. At the end of their performance together, In Hyung  finally sheds a tear of happiness.

The scene switches to JB handing off the camcorder to Jr. and thanking him for helping them. Jr., BamBam, and Yugyeom comment that all four of they have been such great knights and ask if they regret anything. Mark, Jackson, JB, and Youngjae reply that they have no regrets and that they are happy. JB asks Jr. to promise to take care of In Hyung and Jr. agrees.

In Hyung is really happy about her night and descends down a set of stairs followed by Jackson, Mark, Youngjae, and JB. They tell her that they have something they need to tell her, but she says that she already knows that they are her guardians. She also says that she doesn’t care that they are not human and that she likes them all anyways. The four boys can only smile and Youngjae, Mark, and Jackson get into a group hug with In Hyung.

As they hug, the three of them disappear into thin air and their essence rise up and away. In Hyung starts to become distressed at their disappearance before turning to JB. She begs him not to go and leave her too. JB gives her one last kiss before he too disappears. 

In Hyung is deeply saddened by the loss and crouches down towards the ground with tears flowing down her face. Jr. arrives at this point and hands her the camcorder that JB had left for her. In Hyung takes the camcorder and also sees the note that he left for her. He tells her in his note that he has always been by her side and that she’s never been alone. He says that the best part about being human was being able to hold her and be there for her when she was sad. As a doll, he could only listen, but as a human he was able to do much more for her.

In Hyung cries and asks Jr. why he told her that they were her guardians in the first place. He tells her that he knows what it’s like to lose someone like that and how it feels to hurt so much. Jr. reminds her that they wouldn’t have wanted her to die so that they could become human and there was ultimately nothing she could do. He says he only wanted to try to prepare her for the loss as best as her could. Jr. gives her a gentle touch on the shoulder before leaving her to give her time to herself. Later on in the night, In Hyung is overlooking the water where she and JB had their first kisses together and she says goodbye to her guardians. The four dolls disappear from her backpack and the four little balls of light float up to the sky and become bright stars.

An epilogue taking place one year later shows an older In Hyung and Jr. together overlooking the water at the same location. In Hyung still has on her red sneakers and it appears that Jr. and In Hyung have been together. Jr. is still a celebrity and they have a lighthearted conversation about how Jr. was planning to take her out to eat. A basketball rolls by In Hyung’s feet and we see the back profile of a someone who approaches the two of them to get the basketball. The back profile looks a lot like that of JB. In Hyung’s face changes when she sees that person who also has the same sneakers as her. The identity of the person is never revealed and nothing is said when the scene ends and fades to  black.

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9 responses

  1. I wonder how jB came back to life. It was obviously him, right? They should have made the drama a little longer though T_T


  2. yes it was toooo short but it was nice how did jb came????


  3. ackkkkkkk the ending seriously confuses me…
    Like you clarified a lot of things for me….but the ending was still so….so….uncertain and everything
    But oh well~ *sighs and gives up on understanding everything*


  4. you can tell its JB because the side view shows JB


  5. maybe JB became someone elses guardian and they betrayed her and now they are all humans


  6. It’s been added on Netflix, so I rewatched them all, and at the end where it’s like the year after and she sees the red shoes, it was actually JB!! It showed his face! But what does it mean? They can’t just end it like that..


  7. Um…. This might be quite late but just to say….
    If you were to get the comic book series 1 and 2 for Dream Knight, I see an after story written there like its supposed to be a novel, but I could only understand a few words in the chapters. Both book 1 and 2 have the after story…
    Is the after story written by the original writer,Kim Eun Young? I really hope so and from the post of Tudou and Youku, the official broadcasting apps of Dream Knight, Season 2 is appearing and is currently still in the making. Maybe the after story would clear all of the doubts towards the epilogue of Ep 12?

    Hope that a Season 2 would appear really soon and that the after story in the book would be translated online by a korean-english website for all fans and readers to enjoy. Thank you. That’s all I would say.


  8. is there a season 2 for dream knight?? please.. tell me there is.. i just love this drama very much ❤ ❤


  9. I know it’s super late and everything but I’ve just finished this drama … She is sick remember and she is going to be paralized soon … I feel that JB (and probably the others) came back because of that. She needs them so they appeared once again. When (maybe if) she dies they will all become humans but they will take care of her until then.


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